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The animals listed on this page are adult females – over 3 years of age.
Adult Does are registered or upgraded from kid recording to full registration at 3 years of age, when they are height verified and have their breed type and final grade assigned. Purchasers should ensure that you have read and understood the registry rules and regulations. If you are unsure of the registration status of any animal, or wish to clarify any detail please contact the Registrar.

Buyers Note: You should always check an animals height yourself, or have the breeder do this in front of you, before purchase. Animals are height verified at 3 years, it is possible that the animal may still grow after this time so you should not take the certificate height as assurance of the animals current height. Checking the animals height yourself ensures you know what you are getting.

The AMGA also recommends purchasers view sire/dam, siblings and progeny where possible of any registered animals which they intend to use in any breeding program.


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