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Pickwil Miniature
Goat Stud

Stock Reduction Sale


I have a variety of does and bucks for sale as I need to reduce numbers.

Some were sired by JK Ejaz, the grand champion at the Laidley Show for the last three years.
Some are in kid to Ejaz.

I also have does in kid to my underheight  buck Pickwil Mr Bear.

Ages range from kids to approx 3 years old.
Different types of ears including elf ears. Sorry, do not have newby ears.

Quality breeding stock or would make wonderful pets.

If you would like further info, please contact Wilhelmina at



Goat Name:: Denbarja Park Jasper
Breed Type:: KID-M
Sex: Male - Entire Buckling
AMGA Kid Recording No:: M10/08-06
Current Height:: 1 year height 47.10cm
DOB:: 3/06/2010
Price: $275 ono.

Description:: Jasper took 2 x First place & Reserve Champion Miniature Bred Goat at Laidley Show 2011.
His first kids are due early 2012 & he is keen to breed. He has a lovely friendly nature & is staying small. Measured 47.1cm at 1yo. Comes with a companion wether.

Location:: Mt Hallen. QLD, 4312



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